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Organise a subsidy via Allied Forces 

Dutch government has put a variety of subsidies in place to support you in the corona crisis. As a consequence it is possible to decrease our services at a very low rate or even for free. Examples are SLIM (Stimuleringsregeling Leren en ontwikkelen In het MKB) and Kickstartvoucher. Naturally we’d very much like to help you obtain such a subsidy.


The government is going to make € 48 million available for SLIM (Incentive Scheme Learning and Developing for SMEs). The subsidy is meant for SMEs as well as large agricultural enterprises, the hospitality industry, recreation and alliances. Respond quickly: The application will need to be sent in by the end of September.

What can I get a subsidy for?

1.    Reviewing the organisation
2.    Career and development advise
3.    Method to stimulate learning and development
4.    Offering a practical training centre in the 3rd learning path (Allied Forces doesn’t support this)

How much subsidy can I request?

1.    For individual SMEs the subsidy amounts to max € 24.999,-
2.    For SMEs or large agricultural enterprises the subsidy amounts to max € 20.000,-
3.    For large enterprises in the hospitality and recreational industry the subsidy amounts to max € 200.000,-



The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) makes subsidies available for companies whose international activities have been hit by the corona crisis.

When am I eligible for this subsidy?

1.    Drawing up a new or improved business plan
2.    Drawing up a plan of action after a thorough analysis
3.    Developing a new revenue model
4.    Process improvement

How much subsidy can I apply for?

With the kickstart voucher you will receive a reduction of € 2500,- on deploying an Allied Forces consultant for the above mentioned activities.

More information?
Would you like to know more about the SLIM subsidy or kickstart voucher, please contact Simon Peijnenborgh (06-5539 25 86, or Marieke Polman-Plas (06-2563 83 74, from Allied Forces.