Rob IJsseldijk

Rob is a people-oriented leader with vision and an extensive sense of responsibility. He strongly values social relevance, content and cooperation. Management and working in teams form the common themes in his career. As an officer at the Dutch Marine Corps, as an entrepreneur and as a consultant. The tangible result of operational management gives Rob energy; getting stuff done!

Rob studied Business Administration as part of his officer’s training with the Dutch Marine Corps. He did this training at the Royal Netherlands Naval College, the Royal Military Academy and the Dutch Open University.

Rob loves a challenge, as well as passion for teams and tangible results, which is reflected in his hobbies: hockey, running, cycling (MTB and racing), mountaineering and carpentry. Rob lives with Ellen, Tom and Stef in Brabant. The Burgundian lifestyle suites them well. Enjoying a meal with friends, especially prepared on the kamado BBQ, is the ultimate way of enjoyment for Rob.