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Marieke Plas

With her background in psychology Marieke is mainly occupied with learning and development on organisational, team and individual level. Marieke is interested in people’s natural drives and motivations. She uses people’s qualities and looks at possibilities: Where does it flow? She observes on a cognitive as well as a mental, emotional and awareness level and uses neuropsychological insights to reveal and break certain behaviour and patterns. She will create support within organisations first before she sets out to define the goals.

In the past few years she was responsible for the development of employers within NPO, before that she trained psychologists at the Ministry of Defense and she gave trainings in the field of  behavioural change. She also coached high potentials and (further) developed talent programs.

Marieke studied Industrial and Organisational Psychology at the University of Groningen and did several complementary courses, including one in bio and neurofeedback. Marieke has recently moved from the Randstad to Friesland, where she now has more peace and space to enjoy life with her family. She tries to live a sustainable life as much as possible and likes to include others in her ideas, to embrace a physically as well as a mentally sustainable lifestyle.