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Barbara Beek

Barbara has initiated and carried out major first-rate projects and as HRM-specialist she supervised projects at, amongst others, the Dutch Navy, the Air Force and the Police Force. As coach and trainer the public administration specialist likes to combine the dynamic practise with broad theoretical insights. The head with the heart. Also literally, because Barbara is very familiar with Heartmath: the science behind heart coherence, which massively influences our posture, thoughts, emotions and intentions. “By improving your heart rhythm, you can reduce stress, expand your mental and physical resilience and increase emotional wellbeing.”

In her job Barbara sometimes also likes to deploy horses. “These animals are a very impressive “mirror”. They show us that the consciousness of our vulnerability is a source of power instead of weakness. And that you don’t have to behave like a predator to be able to be strong in life. Experiential learning with horses is confronting, but it often gives a lot of results in a short time. Their natural herd behaviour serves as a model for effective communication, authentic relations and cooperation based on talents and competences. Horses teach us the secret of body language as the remaining 90% of communication. By nature we are also, just like horses, instinctive, social and emotional creatures. In our daily lives however, we are often far removed from this. Therefore it is not surprising that we sometimes are affected by mutual miscommunication, suffer from physical complaints, burn-out or PTSS”.

“I’m not a real office person, I prefer being around the people on the workfloor to be able to hear and better understand the issues to just having to discuss things in a meeting room. That has always generated the most for me. Only when working concretely and purposefully. So it generates tailor-made service for every client.” Barbara has worked like this with the inflow, outflow and throughput of military forces among others. Enormous projects which have also had a tremendous impact in the defense organisation. When she got in contact with Allied Forces “all the pieces fell into place”. Here she will be able to contribute to High Performing Individuals and -Teams with her unique qualities.