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Everything Allied Forces stands for, comes together in the jungle of Ghana. This is the place where our most radical leadership programme comes to its apotheosis: the Jungle Challenge. It’s also the place where we make a social impact in the most concrete way: with our hands. A unique experience for business leaders and teams, and just as much for ourselves. This is what we call joint forces, this is Allied Forces.

Leadership has an important ethical component: acting in accordance with shared norms and values. This goes further than legislation, regulations and compliance, it is a moral framework for day-to-day activities. On a human as well as on an organisational level. The ownership we pursuit in our approach, also relies on this.


During the Jungle Challenge we follow our ethical compass. Part of the expedition is a visit to a fort from where slaves used to be brought together and sent out. A burdened point of no return, which we then fit in to the programme. Confrontational, radical and memorable.

In Ghana the group goes on a mission, as a team and as an individual. The jungle is a metaphor for the journey we make. In various ways we make this trip as inspiring as possible. We can count on the guidance of a jungle expert, a wildlife ranger and the local population.

In Antikwaa, a small village at the edge of Kakum National Park, we immediately feel very much at home. The people of Antikwaa welcome us very warmly and give us exclusive access to the protected jungle. Being very grateful to them for this is of course an understatement. Without them the Jungle Challenge wouldn’t be possible. The bond we have formed with the villagers is very strong. And this has created the chance for us to build a unique programme for business leaders and teams.


During the 2020 expedition we came up with the plan with our participants to renovate a school in Antikwaa. That project developed into a comprehensive renovation which has massively improved the local education. The roof has been repaired and houses are being built for teachers and their family. This will ensure the continuity of the education programme for years.

Because of COVID the two planned expeditions for this year unfortunately have been rescheduled to next year. Nevertheless, Anton van den Berg has recently travelled to Ghana, to prepare and plan the coming expeditions. And to show our involvement with our contacts there and the school project. In consultation with the village elder and our Ghanaian project manager, we have decided to take up a new project: to expand and upgrade the small hospital, which at the moment is no more than a first aid station. This will massively help the families and their medical care.

Together with our contact person we will identify the needs and buy materials, with which the local population will set out independently. From bricks to stethoscopes, we do everything in consultation. And naturally we will help out during our next expeditions. If all goes well, we will be going on expedition in the last week of April 2022. Can you feel the trigger? Please contact us!